Tube Alloy - The Detection of Subatomic Particle LP

$ 10.00

One of the cool things about doing this is that every once in a while a member of a band hands you a record you've never seen before and says "Hey, I put this out a long time ago" and the record turns out to be damn good. A week ago, Luke from Pony Time gave me a copy of this Tube Alloy record and said it was something he did in the late 90s/early 00s and that he sold a few copies around town back then and that was that. I got home and gave it a spin. Wow! DIY/synth with garage touches. The two obvious influences are Country Teasers and Gary Numan. There is a tip to early Negativeland. My ears also tell me early 80s cassette DIY like Null + Void. Hell, this almost predicts post-Teasers The Rebel.  Luke's voice isn't as high as it is in Pony Time, more Numan meets Wallers.  These are old new stock, sealed copies from the back of Luke's closet. There are a few on discogs for $25+ but we are selling them cheap. (Tube Alloy)



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