SCREATURE! Arggghhhh! July 11, 2015 15:21

So the Screature records are now out and they are getting a lot of press. Their new album Four Corners hit Pitchfork, the Queitus, CMJ, Paste, Delayed Gratification, Erba Dell Stranga (Italy), Noisey,  etc.  Shorthand is that it is dark, pychedelic post punk with nods to 45 Grave, PiL, Music Machine, and Rudi Peni. But it's more than that. It spindles, it thumps, it gets pissed off and rolls. Brit DJ De'Ath (Black Veil Gothic) outta Leeds calls it "a terrifying magnificent monster" and has sent wishes that the Screatures land on Monkey Island. Me? I think it is tricking great. Here is a fancy video for you to look-see. Some more songs here. It is available on vinyl and CD.
   Four Columns is Screature's second: Their first album is called Screature. They recorded their first album in 2013 with Chris Woodhouse (who recorded Four Columns). Stellar debut with some real gems on it, like this thing called Siren. It sold out (they only pressed 300) and made a slathering of year end “Best of, if you can find it” lists. Ss just repressed it. It is available on vinyl.

Screature will be playing with Lydia Lunch at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco 29 July.