Pajtás Daloljunk X: Magyar Punk 82-86 LP

$ 20.00

Man, I get really excited when I can offer you something that A) you don't expect and B) you ain't gonna find elsewhere...and I am excited today. What we have here is the first comprehensive comp on vinyl (that I know of) that features early 80s Hungarian hardcore & punk. Unlike most Soviet-era Eastern Euro countries, Hungary had a relatively hands-off approach to rock & roll and punk, and, though they were harassed by authorities, the youth took full advantage of it. But while there were a decent number of punk and hardcore bands, the music tended to stay in the country. When it did leak out, it hit other East Bloc nations and wound up in a few hands in the US (looking at you MRR and Jello). Well, here you go: A collection of Hungarian punk rock put together but the folks in Trottel, an excellent band of many decades.  The bands are Auróra Cirkáló, Biztonsági Tanács, Der Trottel, Invázió 84, Koordináció B, Marina Revue,Tizedes Meg A Többiek, and T'34. This pup is on red vinyl and comes with a zine full of photos and liner notes, though I think it is in Hungarian - hell, gives you a reason to learn the language.

Only 3 left. 

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