About Us

Ss Records has been around since 2001. Sol Re Sol started a little bit later.
Both are run by Scott Soriano.

You can drop by Ss Hq and check out records to buy. Email us for availability.  

Wholesale:  Ss Records and Sol Re Sol Records are distributed by Revolver.
You can contact them at revolver@midheaven.com Feel free to contact us if you need an introduction.
If you are a store outside the US and do not deal with Revolver, contact us.

Licensing:  If you are interested in sync rights or licensing music on Ss Records,
please contact Sub Pop Licensing, as they handle that stuff for us. 
Their contact information is here.

Demos/submissions:  We do take demos.  The best way for us to hear
your work is either streaming or on CDR, no attached files or downloads.
We prefer unreleased stuff, which includes not having previously appeared
online (bandcamp, soundcloud, etc.). Tip us to 3 to 5 of your best songs. 
If we like those, we will ask to hear more! If sending a CDR,
shoot us an email before you mail it. Thanks. 

Mailing address:

Ss Records and/or Sol Re Sol
1809 S Street #101-276
Sacramento CA 95811

phone/physical address: please email for either.