Alceu Valença - Molhado de Suor LP

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“I am the fruit of the culture of my country, Violas, the singers, the guitar players, the Lusitanian pastoris, the frevo and blocks, maracatu, black, and the Moorish thing” - Alceu Valença

Brazil in the early 1970s had one of the most vibrant music scenes in the world.  Tropicalia was going strong, a challenge to both the music establishment and the state. Música Popular Brasileira (or MPB) was firmly established. Up in the northeastern corner of Brazil, centered in Recife, was another exciting strain of Brazilian culture called Udigrudi. Ave Sangria, Lula Cortes, Ze Ramalho, and Satwa were a few artists from the movement; but none is more celebrated than Alceu Valença.

Alceu Valença grew up with the expectations of being a lawyer. He did go to law school, but he ditched the legal life for his first passion - music. In 1970, he played with Ave Sangria. Soon after he made a couple records with his friend, artist and musician, Geraldo Azevedo. However, it was his first solo album Molhado de Suor that caused people to take notice.

While other Udigrundi musicians combined traditional northeaster Brazilian music and rhythms with folk rock and psychedelia, it was Alceu’s Molhado de Sour which became the measure. Rich vocals combine with driving guitar work, moody arrangements, and unusual trips. Aided by Lola Cortes and Geraldo Azevedo, Alceu’s Molhado has been called innovative, insistent, and vital (Slipcue). It is considered a Brazilian classic, often landing in Brazilian Best of All Time lists and sought after by collectors.

Alceu followed Molhado’s release with many more albums, each one establishing him as not only superstar, but the one artist who most successfully integrated the sounds of his native region, Pernambuco, with pop and rock. He’s collaborated with filmmaker Sérgio Ricardo, acted in film and on stage, played Montreux Jazz Festival and countless other festivals, and has received or been nominated for countless awards including a Latin Grammy. And what is probably the biggest honor of all, in Brazil he is known by one name, Alceu.   

Molhado de Sour was originally released in 1974 on the Som Livre label. The record’s only vinyl release was in Brazil and has been out of print for over 40 years. Sol Re Sol is proud to bring this important album back in print.  (Sol Re Sol Records SRS003)






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