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While Berlin, Germany isn’t exactly “nowhere”, the amount of attention garnered by Banque Allemande since their inception in 2005 they might as well be from Quedlinberg. When I stumbled on them and was blown away by their songs, I started to wonder “What the fuck is wrong with you people?” Actually nothing: Banque Allemande (also known as dbZwoVier) have spent the last 5 years avoiding Berlin’s rock scene, choosing to play subway cars (watch for the visual, not the sounds!), a hamburger grill, and the like. They recorded a couple albums worth of fantastic songs, but never spread them around. What was posted on got lost in the flood of bands there. They lurk in the shadows no longer.


Banque Allemande has a relentlessness that reminds me of the Gordons and Rema Rema, the thuggish charm of feedtime, and some 1-2-3-4 yucks of “i dunno, name some late 70s euro punk outfit” - but that’s me hearing them. Their background is in the bands Discounter, Trumpf As, and Moser Indian. Their ears are attuned to the hammering beats of Boys Noize. Or as they describe their sound: minimalistic, cut-down songstructures - yes please. rough sounds, straight beats - yes please.. if what comes out is called “punk” - whatthefuck.

So once again you are asked to take the S.S. challenge, the leap of faith you took when S.S. released records by the A Frames, Intelligence, Cheveu, Nothing People, Los Llamarada, XYX, Krysmopompas, and Billy Bao before no more than a handful of people knew they existed. I am pretty confident you will dig this one, too.

And if you don't trust me, here's what others have said:

"Das Missing Link zwischen Trio, Hüsker Dü Land Speed Record und Rainer Werner Fassbinder." André Pluskwa / Vice, Sonic Fiction

"Banque Allemande are gonna make people totally forget about whatever horseshit was being hyped on here the week before its release. Not that your brain wouldn’t have done that for you anyway. Really, a monster slab of relentless guitar fury from out of nowhere." Ryan Wells / Z Gun

"Nachdem ich euch gesehen habe können Mudhoney und Spacemen3 eigentlich ihre Platten verbrennen." Steve Morell / Pale Music

"Ihr seid zur Zeit die beste deutsche Band die ich kenne." Max Müller / Mutter (2006)

"Die beste Minimal-Noiserock-Band des Landes, wahrscheinlich die einzige ihrer Art." Kule Soye / Vice Magazine

"Primitve and noisy, yet with an undeniable intelligence driving the car into the wall." Rich Kroneiss /Terminal Boredom



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