Captain 9s & The Knickerbocker Trio - Starting A Grease Fire With... LP

$ 14.00

Forget Pavement. Forget the Authorities. Captain 9 & the Knickerbocker Trio were Stockton, California’s greatest rock & roll band via Williamsport, PA. It is no frills punk rock & roll, a deft blend of Angry Samoans, Gizmos, adn Supercharger. In the early 90s, they quickly released a small pile of classic 7"s and the Scum of The Earth cassette, later released by Rip Off on vinyl. Now Rerun Records gives us a collection of hits, demos and unreleased material, recorded 1984-1994, handpicked by the band members. Essential for fans of no bullshit punk rock and noise from the Sacramento Valley.

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