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On Visionary Pangs, DAN MELCHIOR presents four short songs and two long song-cycles. It’s a great sequence, which allows our ‘relatively modest-sized man’ to delve a bit deeper in his sonic explorations and pimp a bit of his guitar skills, which are as strong as his song-writing. Since the mind-1990s, Dan has released some 30 albums and singles, and it has been a good run. However, the best of the bunch started emerging in 2007 with his Pink Scream e.p. and has continued with the excellent Christmas for the Crows LP and S.S. Records Thankyou Very Much double album. We are very confident in saying that Visionary Pangs sits with the aforementioned trio as one of Dan’s best to date. If it doesn’t wedge into your brain that Dan is one of the best song-writers going, a member of a proud tradition of English underground tune smiths which includes Mark E. Smith, Syd Barrett, and Dan Treacy, we don’t know what will. (SS049)

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