$ 10.00

In a time, when hype seems to rule, every once in a while a record slips into existence without advanced fanfare and sans claims that it is an amazing new classic, better than last week's amazing new classic. Evening Meeting's pedigree (A Frames, Factums, Love Tan, Le Sang Song, Intelligence, etc.) should dictate a whole house full of hoo haw, but this pup sorted snuck into existence without full trumpet salute. Well...now that it is out, let me be one of the first to HONK HIS FUCKING HORN AS LOUD AS FUCK! Evening Meeting has tapped into their encyclopedic knowledge of underground music and their years in killer bands in order to make a record that sounds familiar (touches of former bands and a hundred classic records) but like nothing other than their own sound. It is spindly and it rocks. It finds a groove out of nearly nothing and then strange sounds appear where they shouldn't be but everything works. And it is not one or two songs amidst blah. Every song is tops. Evening Meeting's first full length is terrific, easily one of the best records of the year. Sweet Rot does good once again.  (Sweet Rot)

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