Karin Krog - Don't Just Sing: An Anthology 1963-1999 2LP

$ 20.00

I have a long list of records I'd like to reissue - some I get to asking about, some I never get to, some are pretty much impossible - Karin Krog has been on that list, but never acted on. Was always thinking of single LP reissues, not an anthology. But of course! Krog is perfect for an anthology. Not because her albums arent worth full reissues - they are - but because she is borderline obscure, has a cult following but anything but an anthology would be a hard sell outside her cult.
   So who is Karin Krog? She is a Norwegian jazz singer but not what you expect from a jazz singer. Her voice is soulful, sometimes smokey, sometimes sad. She reminds me of Patti Waters but also of Meredith Monk but also of.... The thing is Karin Krog is Karin Krog. And part of what makes her who she is and her music what it is, is her arrangements. Fantastic! Abstract, funky, jazzy, there really isn't anything like it. And she not only played with jazz heavies, but they sought her out.
      With all anthologies, there are songs I wish were here, but I have absolutely no complaints with this collection. Her two best known songs are here - We Could Be Flying and Ode to Billy Joe (best version ever), as well as gems like Images In Glass, Tystnaden, Break of Day in Molde. There is stuff I've  listened to a hundred times and songs I never heard of. Excellent. (Light In The Attic)

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