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LOS LLAMARADA's claustrophobic psych punk debut LP - The Exploding Now! - won praises from everybody from Siltbreeze's Tom Lax to Z Gun's Ryan Wells, but that wasn't enough. "When's the next record?" rang in my ears for for more than a year. Meanwhile Llamarada got invited to play Europe, New York, San Francisco, and SXSW. And they recorded and recorded and recorded. And when we got enough we built Take the Sky into one serious killer. While some of the murk of the first is gone (don't worry it still as an eerie lo-fi sound), it has been replaced by sharp psych stun guitar which will make your jaw drop. I've previewed this for a few people (Rick Ele, Ryan Wells to name two) and everyone has walked away amazed. To quote Rick Ele: "Damn." 20 Jazz Funk Greats says "This bulking contraption is propelled upwards forever upwards on an invisible matrix of relativistic wind patterns, oars spinning in a foreboding cycle to a rhythm that would make the Red Crayola proud in its parabolic slash metronomic derangement". Of course, I am biased, but this is a great record… (SS037)


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