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S.S.Records got word of the NOTHING PEOPLE back in 2006, thanks to a package with an Orland, California postmark appearing in our mailbox. We dug them enough to put out their debut 7" ep, followed by a single, their first LP and then two more. Their first album, “Anonymous," was full of sci-fi, psych, proto punk bombast and wound up on tons of year end "best of" lists.

The Nothing People's second album hit vinyl in 2009. On Late Night the band's sound shifts moodier, darker, and creepier. Hints of Dream Syndicate’s Karl Precoda, the later head-screwed work of Scott Walker, the bad vibe side of Syd Barrett, and bits from that obscure subterranean world where psych met glam on a downward loop infects the record. This album does sound like a late night, on a deserted highway, maybe somewhere around the farm town of Orland, CA. We thought "Late Night" a very special record. The band's many fans and reviewers felt the same. Like "Anonymous" (and "Soft Crash," which followed), "Late Night" mobbed the year-end lists.

"For those unfamiliar, Nothing People, as a reference point, is Sonic Youth for Hawkwind fans. Despite the general downtempo movement of the group’s repertoire, there’s a subtle punk ethos/urgency that runs under the thick layers of reverb, knob tweakin’, and fuzzy psychedelic haze. And like all the aforementioned collectives, the line between what is improvised and what is intentional is quite blurry. I love it....Nothing People tackle a myriad of approaches to brain melting rock/psych/post-punk/noise, and in doing so, upped the ante from their debut “Anonymous.” “Late Night” is a richly satisfying listening experience and a must-have release for any psych fan. Look for it on the year-end list. I hope Nothing People sells 5 million records." ---The Decibel Tolls

"...a sideways slide away from the skuzzy garage moves of yore to this kind of sleazy groove. still that basement feel of damaged guitar chug and addled minds a la 13th floor elevators or the fucked meanderings of the stooges but carpeted with a thick soup of sci-fi synths. creeps creepily into the unsettling world of suicide’s machine music (see the downward spiral of stick in the mud) or the paisleyish v.u. zones of early dream syndicate." --Cows are Just Food

(Being that "Late Night" is a favorite in the S.S. Records catalog, we decided to put it on CD and that is what we've done. Along with the ten songs that appeared on the original vinyl (including a great remake of Syd Barrett's "Late Night"), we've included six more. Three of the songs previously appeared on now hard-to-find 7"s, three haven't been heard before. Included in these songs are covers of Roxy Music and Fuck. The CD issue of "Late Night" is packaged in the digipak format, using the original art work by Ilth.) (SS043)


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