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Lots of bands, lots of records and usually by record two most bands crap out. Not the NOTHING PEOPLE. Since their first EP was released on Ss, every subsequent Nothing People/S.S. release has gotten better and better. Soft Crash is no exception. And like the jump between their first album (Anonymous) and their second (Late Night), Soft Crash both expands and secures the Nothing People’s sound. A proto-punk pulse mixes with a dark synth throb for something that sounds both of yesterday and tomorrow or in the words of Z Gun’s Ryan Wells, ‘These guys are science fiction!’ Sci fi? As in Chrome, Von Lmo, and Simply Saucer? ‘Natch.’ And the man is right. However, unlike the ton of bands who get rifled in with classic underground names and cannot deliver, the Nothing People do their comrades justice. Late Night LP made a ton of year end ‘Best Of’ lists. The year before Anonymous hit a bunch of ‘Best Ofs.’ No surprise that Soft Crash hit a bunch of “Best of 2010” list. Soft Crash is a great record. (SS047)


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