O-TYPE - Darling LP

$ 12.00

O-Type was Bruce Anderson, Dale Sophiea, Marc Weinstein, and Jim Hrabetin. Music freaks should know the names Bruce Anderson and Dale Sophiea from the great MX-80 Sound. O-Type roamed around the Bay Area in the late-80s. While you can hear MX-80 in their sound, O-Type is louder, less "arty", at times letting out a squall that reminds me of Liquorball/Monoshock. They released all of their albums on cassette. Darling (1988) is the best of the bunch. Unfortunately, the time of release, the format and that the original cassette release sound quality was a bit dodgy relegated this gem to obscurity. Well. Milvia Son took the tape off the shelf, spent some time cleaning it up and reissued this on vinyl. The record sounds great and is in a hand screened sleeve. 300 copies made. New. (Milvia Son)

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