Sidney Miller - Linguas De Fogo LP

$ 14.00

Sol Re Sol Records is happy to announce the reissue of Sidney Miller’s lost classic Linguas De Fogo. Originally released in 1974, Miller’s third album is one of the best Brazilian records of its time. A seamless mesh of Brazilian pop, psychedelia, and Bossa Nova, Linguas De Fogo could be mistaken as Tropicalia (if Miller hadn’t distances himself from the genre).

Of Linguas De Fogo, Flabbergasted Vibes writes “The record is dreamy, hazy, psychedlicized, progressive MPB that evokes early Lô Borges, or Beto Guedes, or the first Nelson Angelo/Joyce album. ...The arrangements are all great, balancing his relaxed, almost sedated vocal lines against taught double-tracked flute harmonies or funky electric piano or keyboards or fuzzy electric guitars that sometimes sound like it was plugged straight into the mixing board and using the input as an overdrive. ...This album is very deserving of that tag of ‘lost masterpiece’ that gets thrown around a little too freely these days.”

Sidney Miller first received notice in 1967 when Nara Leão recorded five of his songs (along with four by Chico Buraque, to whom Miller was compared to). This was soon followed by his own album and recordings of his songs by Quarteto em Cy. He then contributed music to film (many for his friend director Paulo Thiago) and plays (one of which he collaborated on with Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil).

Although his songs were recorded by Nara Leão, MPB-4, Quarteto em Cy, Caetano Veloso, Alaíde Costa, and Gal Costa, Miller was only to release three albums in his lifetime, Linguas De Fogo being his last. That Sidney Miller did not receive the acclaim that his peers did was not due to his lack of talent. Miller was incredibly shy, he loathed the stage, and masked his shyness with drugs and drink. He died young, at age 36 in 1980. How he died is disputed.

Though Linguas De Fogo is highly regarded among Brazilian music fanatics and the original vinyl pressing is much coveted, Sidney Miller has become somewhat of an obscurity. However, recently he has been rediscovered by a new crop of Brazilian artists. Hopefully this release will further push interest in Sidney Miller’s music.  (Sol Re Sol Records SRS004)

FactMag says "Línguas de Fogo stands not only as a gorgeous final artistic document, but as a lost classic that holds its own amongst heavyweights of the period like Lô Borges’s eponymous debut, Milton Nascimento’s Milagre Dos Peixes, Caetano Veloso’s Transa, and Chico Buarque’s masterpiece Construção. Considering that original Som Livre copies of Línguas de Fogo fetch three-figure sums on the collector market, this reissue by the Sol Re Sol label is a godsend."


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