SIGHTINGS - Michigan Haters LP

$ 5.00

Sightings’ overblown intensity meets up with abrasive twists and subtle unconventionality, a combination of sounds which one reviewer likened to “a storm of knives.” Or something like listening to Terry Riley and Steve Reich though a Big Muff at 110 decibels. With their second album Michigan Haters, Sightings started on what would become nearly a decade long reinvention of the rock & roll song. First through volume and now through invention, Sightings has given up a series of great albums: Absolutes, which clearly builds on what Michigan Haters created, Arrived in Gold, the coolly brilliant Through the Panama, and the fantastic City of Straw.

Originally released on CD in 2002 by Psych-O-Path, Michigan Haters didn't get a proper vinyl release. So after years of Sightings and SS talking about doing a single, I finally said “Hey, Michigan Haters needs to be on vinyl. Let me do it!” And they did. (SS060)


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